Josie Zetz was an 11 year old girl with a birthday wish. Her father, Jim, had stage IV pancreatic cancer, which meant he would not not see her next birthday, much less her wedding.

With the knowledge that Jim would likely not be around to walk Josie down the aisle on day, Love Song decided to make a lifelong memory for the pair on Josie’s 11th birthday. Love Song put together backyard ceremony that everyone would remember. It was complete with flowers, desserts, a promise ring and a dress from L.A. Fashion Week — so that her father could walk her down the aisle. "It is my hopes this memory will be played one day when she is actually getting married. It will be so special knowing her dad was there with her on that day.  Jim, 62, walked his daughter down the makeshift aisle and placed a ring on her finger. Hearing how Josie was upset by the prospect of her dad missing the important moments of her life, the own of Love Song who has an 11-year-old daughter herself, hatched the secret idea. Jim died just 4 shorts months after this wish was granted.

"This is the best day of my life."
- Josie Zetz


Jack was an active duty soldier in the US Army. On October 19th 2017, Jack got the devastating news from his oncologist that his cancer was terminal. He and his wife were HUGE animal lovers so it was only appropriate that we partner up with the Houston Zoo in making this priceless wish come true. Alina and Jack had one-on-one time with the giraffes, elephants, sea lions, and rhinos! They got the royal treatment and went home with goodie bags for their boys. Jack died months after this wish was granted. 

"It was an incredible experience, especially with my wife by my side. We are huge animal lovers! A big thank you to Houston Zoo for treating us like family & an even bigger thank you to The Love Song Foundation for making this once in a lifetime experience possible!" - Jack Stillman


Meet Desirae Ava Grace. She was four years old at the time of our first meeting and was diagnosed stage IV high risk Neuroblastoma. She was absolutely determined to live! Her wish was to meet Cinderella so of course we were pleased to grant this wish! Desi not only was greeted with goodies but Cinderella, Repunzel, Ariel and Snow White spent the entire afternoon with with her! They danced, sing and painted together.  

Desi died after a few years after our first documentation. She was brave, kind hearted and a fighter. Desi was the epitome of what it means to lead by example and leave your mark on this world. She will never be forgotten.  


December 2017 Love Song was able to give 112 kids in need at Loma Linda Children's Hospital HOLIDAY GIFTS!!! 


Monarch School has served San Diego for nearly three decades, beginning as a one-room education center and expanding into a K-12 comprehensive school designed to educate homeless youth. It was a pleasure to be able to bless many of them with welcome kits as they transition from being homeless to getting permanent shelter.


 7 year old Braiden had been through one emotional ride after hearing the news that his mother was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. He and her shared a passion for football and lived for the San Diego Chargers. Her wish was to be able to meet the team together or venture off to a game. We were able to do so much better! Braiden was able to roam the locker room, play catch on the field, try on their jerseys and was given the game ball from their prior win a few days before. He was in heaven. Ashley said, “seeing one of Braiden’s dreams come true with me was probably one of the best days of my life. Seeing his smile and watching him run around the field like he didn't have a care in the world was like I had my old Braiden back before he knew the definition of terminal cancer. My son was just a typically 6 year old for once.” After died a year after this wish was granted. 


Off to Florida we went!!  A week prior to our visit this gentleman pictured, River Zipperer lost his wife, a mother of 3, at 25 years old to cervical cancer. With the help of Love Song and our followers around the world we were able to guarantee this family would not go without! From new pots and pans, to bedding for his children's beds, to school supplies, to clothing.
You name it... we BOUGHT IT!!

"I am not sure what I would have done without Love Song. They
literally handled everything my family could possibly need and want. My kids are taken care of for the next few years it seems!"
- River Zipperer


                            You hungry?
6 families in need were granted a grocery shopping spree.

"This was extremely
unexpected yet so needed! I am so grateful to the people who nominated my family. Having two sick kids makes it difficult to go to the store not mention my paycheck was short. I am not sure what we would have done if Love Song was not there for us." - Kelly Stalter  


Ashley Bridges was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer at 8 months pregnant with a baby girl. She delivered her baby with no complication and had one final wish. This wish was to marry the father of her child. The couple wed at the Vista Valley Country Club in Fallbrook, California exactly a year after their engagement surrounded by their friends and family. “My goal was to not have her think of the fact that she was diagnosed with cancer,” said Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro of Love Song Events & Photography.

The $80,000 wedding was free for the bride and groom. 

Ashley said, “You don’t need to go home, lie down in bed and wait to die. You live your life and you hope that tomorrow you’ll wake up, but you just live your life. Next to having my children this was by far the best day of my life. Lindsey made everything perfect."

Ashley died 1 year after her dream wedding. 


All the way to Weatherly, Pennsylvania we traveled to love on 18 year old Dana. Dana was Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and had just given birth to a baby girl 10 shorts days of us being there. This young mother was blessed with everything under the sun! You name it, we brought it! Thanks to Love Song and our followers we were also able to fulfill her amazon wish list that was about $7,200.00.

"I didn't know what to expect when I found out Love Song was actually coming to see me. It was absolutely incredible. I've never had this much stuff in my life! They were the sweet people I have ever met. My baby and I are truly so taken care of. Thank you Love Song. I love you!"
- Dana Scatton


Love Song shared a story about an eight month old little girl Adelyn Ellis that died from what we thought was Sid's through social media. Her mother Taylor, found her lifeless in her crib after her morning nap. After receiving the autopsy report it was confirmed that her death diagnosis was Dilated cardiomyopathy. 

Taylor has followed Love Song for years so when she contacted us after her daughter's passing we was completely devastated. Lindsey, our founder and Taylor have had multiple conversations before this tragic event. Taylor was 7 months pregnant and expecting a baby boy when we showed up to Louisiana to surprise her with a shopping spree! What a treat it was for everyone. I am blessed to say that Taylor gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. "We love you Love Song. It has been so difficult grieving the loss of my baby, yet anticipated the birth of my new baby. Today was amazing! You all are a true blessing." 
- Taylor Ammons


It was sweet Georgia's 3rd birthday, the very first one she would of have to spend without her mother. Laura was 33 years old when she died of complications after a heart transplant. It was our pleasure to shower this little one with birthday goodies and a Disney princess! All of the Elsa's were booked for that weekend in the surrounding cities but we were able to find her! 

"Love Song made this birthday so special. We all miss my wife so much, life feels impossible. It was wonderful to see my baby smile and giggle with excitement when Elsa walked in. It was a perfect day. "
- Johnny Brock


Aydain was a 6 year old hockey fanatic and lego lover! This precious boy was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at just three years old and had been fighting for a cure for years. Our goal with Aydain was to show him life outside of the hospital with his entire family. We granted him a weekend in Carlsbad, California that of course went hand and hand with a trip to Legoland! 

Weeks following this trip Aydain was treated like a KING at the LA Kings hockey game. He rode the zamboni and met the entire team. 


This precious 3 year old little boy, ANTHONY was showered with love and presents! Presents h's wished for forever. This sweet child had terminal cancer and had been in bed for the entire week prior to our wish. He didn't want to eat or go to the bathroom. His mother had been so scared that this was the end for him however he was in GREAT spirits during our time together and became himself again! It was a miracle and so remarkable to watch! He laughed with the girls, opened his presents and was so joyful! We were able to bless the entire family including his siblings with gift cards and presents. We also purchased numerous baby items for his baby brother that was 3 months old. We got a car seat, play yard, bottles and more!  Anthony's little life was  such a blessing to so many.

Anthony died 3 months after our wish. This special boy will forever be remembered. 



         10 BACK TO SCHOOL wishes were granted!

What a blessing it was to grant children in need back to school items! These two boys pictured were given school supplies, gift cards and other goodies for the new school year! 6 year old Aiden, and 4 year old Jackson from North Carolina were having a tough time seeing their daddy fighting non Hodgkins lymphoma, a very rare type. Anaplastic large T cell lymphoma to be exact for the 3rd time!! They we're so excited to get this package in the mail all the way from California! 


We surprised 11 year old Arianna with holiday presents!!  
She has a very rare disorder called "Diamond Blackman Anemia" and is a little shorter than the average 2 year old. She has had numerous health issues and scares this past holiday season. This entire year has been rather difficult.
Ari has been in and out of the hospital & the extra love was much needed. Her family was not going to get to experience Christmas so they were all beyond thrilled to hear her wish was granted. 


From July of 2014 to April 2019 Love Song has raised over a million dollars for families in need by sharing their stories through social media. Those numbers have continued to rise daily!


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