Do you ever look at someone’s photo, or photo’s they have taken and think, “I wonder what her story is? How did she get where she is today?” Well, my story isn’t your blingy front-page celeb news, but to me, it is pretty magnificent, and definitely a story worthy of being on the front page.


I am a friend, sister, daughter, wife, and mother of three. I am a photographer of life. I capture the moments that you see with your eye and wish that you could hold onto forever. My remarkable little family resides in Menifee, California. There is not a day that goes by that I do not truly enjoy what I do now. Not to mention, my daughters keep me on my toes, and push me to greater heights daily!


As with most kids, I was always asked the age old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For me, it wasn't until I was about 27 years old that I really had an answer to that daunting question.


I have had many jobs. You name it, I’ve done it. But I quickly discovered that my "thing" was people. I needed a job that allowed me to interact with those people every day, a job that allowed me to impact them in a meaningful and creative way.


Maybe in someone’s perfect world I would have become a doctor, a social worker, some kind of caregiver, or anything else that might come to mind when you think about working with people, but school just really wasn’t my thing, and having to work a typical 9 to 5 job wasn’t either. So in 2011 I started my own photography business and things really took off. I photograph anything and everything. If it can talk or giggle, I will photograph it. My clientele ranges from celebrities to everyday people like you and me.


My work has been published in Los Angeles, the UK, San Diego, China, Germany and Africa, as well as featured in People magazine, Yahoo News, FORBES Magazine, CNN, The Huffington Post, and Bridal Magazine just to name a few. It has been one remarkable adventure.


So, where did it all begin? In 2011, German, the husband of a dear friend of mine, was diagnosed with cancer. As a photographer, it is my passion to capture memories for people, even if those memories are painful. I thought it would be amazing to document his journey. We photographed him in many sessions throughout this terrible disease. I was able to capture memories with his newborn baby, throughout his chemo, and ultimately his last family portrait and final moments in the hospital with his wife and son. German will always be special to me. He is the person who opened up my heart to create priceless moments for others. After photographing him for over a year, I realized I had a gift that not many people possess and I needed to do something with it.


German died in February of 2012 and I have made it my mission to live out his legacy. He taught me to always be kind to people and live life to the fullest. He told me to always take the time to capture the little moments and that is just what I want to do.


From 2013-2014 I started offering special photography sessions called, "Forever Loved" and they spread like wildfire. I did about 15 of these a month and my husband and I funded them ourselves. In other words, they were free to those who applied. This quickly became a financial dilemma for us. We prayed unceasingly to not only find a way for my business to grow but to also find a way for us to continue to reach out to others in need.


In July of 2014 a celebrity campaign company reached out to me to team up with them. My collaboration with them on this campaign provided me the ability to sell T-shirts and other clothing items for profit. The revenue made during this 20-day campaign helped to continue funding these special photography sessions. This worked so well that it drove my need to do more.


In October 2015 I decided God had a bigger plan for me. So I opened my nonprofit "Love Song Foundation." Love Song has truly taken on a new melody. One that I am hoping will reach into the hearts of many, for years to come.