Christi Knight is a dedicated public servant and influential community leader.
A resident of San Diego County for over 30 years and an employee of the County
of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, she spends her days working to advance
the County’s Live Well San Diego vision of a region that is building better health, living safely, and thriving. She strongly believes in the power of community collaboration to bring about positive change and contribute to our social well-being.

Christi is passionate about helping others who are experiencing tragedy in their lives. It is her commitment to help society learn how to better support others who are faced with disease, death and loss. As the mother of a newborn, Christi’s husband was diagnosed with an extremely
aggressive form of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in September 2011. The following 18 months were filled with multiple rounds of chemotherapy, two Bone Marrow Transplants, and a fatal reaction to the second transplant. Christi’s husband died in February 2013. From that experience, she gained valuable lifelong lessons of the strength of the human spirit, the need for a supportive social network, and the love and generosity that exists in our world for people we do not even know.