Born and raised in Southern California, She loves the beach, the mountains, the city and the quiet of the small Inland Empire town I now live in. She was born in Orange County and moved around a lot as a kid, but she considers her hometown to be Downey. It’s where she went to middle school and high school, made most of her best friends and learned a lot of life lessons.


She graduated from CSU Long Beach with a BA in communication studies in 2002. After a short-lived teaching career and seven years of bartending she finally made the decision to pursue a career in television. She wanted to be a reporter, but after realizing how competitive and difficult that was, she decided the other side of the lens as a producer was the perfect fit.


After working nearly three years on the KTLA Morning News and another two-and-a-half for E! Entertainment life brought me to something a little different – public relations. Working in PR allows me to connect with people, stories, lives and the media. Reflecting on my professional life up to this point I’ve come to the realization that my passion lies in the telling and sharing of stories – stories that will make a difference in the lives of others.


As for her life, she is first and foremost a mother to her two beautiful children, Jace and Elena; and a wife to my husband since 2009, Nic. They come first no matter what, and she loves sharing their stories through their adventures, photos, and captions. She loves to cook, bake and throw parties. But don’t get her wrong, she appreciates a good meal made for her every once in a while.


She works hard, but no matter how much stress or aggravation life may throw her, she enjoys life to the fullest.